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One of the early go-get-em clients who had huge vision, and massive follow through.

This client had his eye on the quickly-evolving world that would become the Development Active Realtor. He also understood the importance of a rich media world.

That meant our first effort branding an agent outside of their broker (in this case Windermere), and the first time branding an agent for the budding industry of modern home development where agents played much larger roles than usual.

Dead's CD had found his house through Realtor Tim Lenihan, and knew him to be extremely friendly and helpful. In coming up with his brand name, DSMM took that into consideration - how to balance the cold clean lines of modern designs, with the warmth and comfort of a good agent helping to find a home.


The concept of a den seemed to do just that. And the URL was available. Modern Den it was.

The progression of the logo design.


Once the logo caught traction, the rest fell into place pretty quickly.

Modern Den Style Guideline_s_Page_3.jpg
Modern Den Style Guideline_s_Page_2.jpg
Modern Den Style Guideline_s_Page_4.jpg
Modern Den Style Guideline_s_Page_6.jpg
Modern Den Style Guideline_s_Page_5.jpg
Modern Den Style Guideline_s_Page_7.jpg

And then the website. Dead connected with a back end developer (who we met once at a Seattle party, and then some months later ran into randomly on a NYC subway - seriously!) with experience building data-driven sites, allowing Den to build it's own online catalogue of projects and homes searchable by various criteria including location.

The plan.

Mercer wireframes.jpg
Mercer wireframes4.jpg
Mercer wireframes2.jpg
Mercer wireframes3.jpg
Mercer wireframes7.jpg
Mercer wireframes5.jpg
Mercer wireframes6.jpg

The site.

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