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Influx needed branding from scratch. They had their name, and reputation, but that was it. Dead went to work and created a logo with the look and feel that fit the client's South Pacific roots, and created an easily recognizable and scalable mark. Influx also relied on signage to establish their brand recognition, and Dead worked to custom design every sign to match specific projects. 

Realtors have long been the face of home buying, which has always puzzled Dead Serious. Take for example car buying. Were a car salesman to tell you he has a great car with wheels and headlights and windows, what would be your first question? How much? What color? If I drop my phone between the seats will I ever get it back? No, you'll ask, "Who makes it?"

Why then is it that when it comes to home buying, the face and the story is all about the salesperson? That would change with Influx Development.

Influx had always been known for very high quality builds, super organized and clean work sites, and sensitivity to the surroundings of its projects. Where many developers would rather not put themselves "out there," for fear of backlash for any number of reasons, Influx had no reason to hide.


​Dead advised that Influx put its people forward, to take full credit for the quality and craftsmanship in every home they build, and to give home buyers confidence in the worthiness of their investments. That is what people want to know, who built my home.


Above and below are samples of Influx's branded content Dead created, including a sign designed to mitigate the impact of a remodel of a historic home paired with a new development on its subdivided lot. Who does that? It was important to Influx that their work fits in not just with the market demands, but with the community. 


Other signs introduce new multi-home developments and Influx to visitors to the sites.  Each had corresponding web elements, and all photography was done by DSMM.

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