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Business owner needed a fix to an old problem.

During a conversation, a business owner mentioned the difficulty she was experiencing trying to get more men into her Pilates and yoga studio. The phrase "How do I get men into Pilates?" kept coming up.


Dead said, "You don't."

She may as well have been promoting ballet classes, as the stigma of the exercise as being a woman's activity was pretty strong among the grunting and iron-driving male population. Put a man in a Pilates class and see how long he lasts, though. Pilates isn't easy. But still.


So Dead devised a concept to make Pilates relevant to anyone who has an activity they are excited about. By focusing on activities that are gender neutral and practiced by a wide range of people, and communicating the notion that their main activity will benefit from Pilates, the conversation would change. Everyone wants an advantage and an edge to what it is they do.

Dead again broke out the camera, and went to work designing the concept as it could appear in practice.


From the first conversation to the design took only a few days.

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