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Elliott Bay

Auto Brokers


One of Seattle's best auto dealers made a huge move when renovating the old dealership on Aurora north of Green Lake. DSMM worked with a number of entities in branding and providing content to the exploding business.


Folklore has it that EBA literally started with a guy selling a car on a sidewalk, while having to move it around to avoid parking tickets. Today EBA is one of the finest full-service luxury car dealers around.

One of Dead's clients landed the job of renovating an old dealership campus, one that EBA was moving in to. The task of branding the evolving business was given to DSMM.

Early efforts were made to put upscale content aside new EBA branding to establish a buzz about the move from the old to the new location.


Shooting the top image below included removing the front seats from a BMW X5, and using 3 or 4 strobes including a ring flash around a 14mm lens for a wide yet close up shot.


Once the business had its feet under it, DSMM shot, wrote and designed print content for use as handouts and mailers. At the bottom is one of many graphics designed for use in multiple videos shot for commercial and web use which can be seen on EBA's site at

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