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Special Projects


Pharmacological researcher turned specialist in the difficult projects that fall through the cracks, and restorations.


When DSMM started accessing the various accounts necessary to work on this client's media, many of the passwords were scientific terms we'd never heard of. That's because the client, a home restorer and contractor, used to be a pharmacological researcher.

His hobby turned into a passion, and he just went with it.


The above isn't just a sign DSMM designed for Tula. It's also a representation of the many facets of this client, as well as the interface of their website we built, seen below.

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 5.21.45 PM.png

DSMM didn't think of the name, which comes form a location in Mexico. Luis, the client, comes from Mexico, and is a pretty spiritual guy. DSMM worked to create a logo that reflected his connection to his home, while connecting with Seattleites in need of specialized restoration services.


​But what DSMM likes to do is photograph the projects, as he works with different projects that are sometimes vastly different.

Tula has a lot of ideas, and a very creative energy that expands and contracts with an elasticity that needs a certain kind of care. Having worked with them for so long, DSMM is accustomed to pacing ideas and work flow, and knowing that an idea floated out in passing can become the next thing, so never forget conversations.


Below are a couple logos created to keep up with these evolving ideas. It's worth noting that Newtroot came about from a late night phone call that went a lot like this. . .

"Mijo, I need a name, logo and business card by tomorrow morning."


"No problem, Luis. No problem." 

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