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DSMM's video reel. Remember... editing is the easy part.

The above video may represent hours of my design and editing time, but behind that are days of content coordination, or, producing.


Each video was made for different entities, consisting of stakeholders from internal silos, international regions (Australia, Asia, Canada, Latin America and Europe), and events. Each region then included internal managers, as well as external corporate and tourism boards representing different companies and countries. This process took delicate team work and situational awareness to create video content that satisfied the various entities, who usually worked well together, but sometimes required producing tact to iron out potential disagreements.

Some projects required only animation and design, while others required single-person travel, camera, light and sound management, and field editing for real time video delivery. Some projects were one-day events, while others were extended on-location stays for up to two weeks requiring the coordination of multiple shoots and edit delivery.

The video below is an example of a multi-day international event requiring scheduled and on-the-fly video capture, and on-site design and editing for display during and after the event. I managed video, sound and lighting, and coordinated with event producers for various content needs.

Much of the video I created was used in event spaces to display both important information, as well as striking visuals and event branding. The below video is unique in that it was for a 4-sided 4K video cube in front of an event's entrance. This required close coordination with the event manager, the resort's technical team, and the acquisition of 4K video to use as an underlayer for existing 1920x1080 footage in the company's archive, as well as some graphic content generated by outlier stakeholders.

Some events required the video capture of attendees, immediate editing and delivery of content for use in online elements. Equipment set up, talent scheduling and scripting, and editing timelines were extremely tight and required flawless execution for on-time delivery. 

Best case scenarios include scheduled shoot windows with scripted and prepared talent in predetermined locations. Sometimes none of that happens, as was the nature of the video below. This video was also immediately edited and distributed as a pre-event prompt.

Some elements of a company's brand are related while standing out, as was the case with Communities. A 3rd party provided graphical elements that I used to create the animated bed for unscripted on-the-fly video interviews I shot on site at a 2-week event. Below is the rough cut.

The video below is an example of a project I created designed toward a specific audience and strategized by a management team to communicate specific things. This required teamwork and coordination with stakeholders, as well as the use of content I captured from various events, and stock footage.

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